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I am an adjunct faculty reference librarian at Hunter College, CUNY and a freelance writer.

Selling Hats


This year I am having a difficult time selling my hats on Ebay for a decent price. I should try Etsy again.

Recently, I finished a hat that took me between seven and eight hours to make. I want to charge $140.00. What will the market bear?, I wonder.

Lately, I have been engaged in new product development, which has five/six steps. I need to get feedback on the hat.
More later.


Teal fan and feather beret


Here is a teal beret just like the one in the October 19 post.  I actually wear this one a lot.  It is wool and mohair.  The band does not stretch out of shape as much as the band of acrylic hat.  I really enjoy wearing this one and I get great compliments.

Red Sails, a sock, and a beret

Red Sails, a sock, and a beret

The Kaffe Fassett design, Red Sails, sweater is coming to completion. It fits the person I am making it for. I have put in the V-neckline and I am now weaving in all the ends. I have mixed feelings about it completion.  I had been several long years since I first started working on it. Soon, a major project will be off the needles.  I am looking forward to the end date.  I do not want to make another Red Sails sweater. I hope the intended wearer enjoys wearing it.

I am working on a very simple sock with self striping yarn.  The yarn in in the purple-deep blue range.  At first I wanted to make lace, but I feared the colors would be too dark to show off the lace. I have made almost 75% of the first sock.

A beret is in the works. It is a Christmas/birthday gift for a friend of mine. I have 5 inches to go.


Gift for the Music Director


Rose Dish cloth or face cloth

Rose Dish cloth or face cloth

The music director at our church is leaving at the end of June, 2014. I am sad, heartbroken and disappointed. The members of the choir either contributed to a purse for him or gave him our own gifts. My gift was a series of dish cloths or face cloths made from mercerized cotton in a variety of colors. I tied six of them up in a white ribbon with pink undertones and wrapped them in yellow tissue paper tied with the same color of ribbon. I put it all in a blue bag.

He opened the gifts on our final Sunday making music together when we, he and the choir, had lunch at a nearby restaurant. He seemed to like them.

Another choir member gave him a pillow shaped like a mantel clock with a face reading 11:05.

I plan to attend his farewell performance on Sunday.