My name is…Cheryl and I am a…crafty commuter.  I say “a” because there are many people who do crafts on public transportation. I am one of them.  I live in Brooklyn, New York and I take the trains and buses of New York to various destinations.

I crochet and knit on the trains, especially. Only sometimes on the bus. I crochet and knit to keep my hands busy and to ward off the boredom that inevitable occurs during long commutes. I knit socks and baby clothes and I crochet hats.  They become topics of conversations and I occasionally offer a hat for sale.

Nothing, to me, is more pleasant that whiling the hours away either reading, listening to music and or knitting and crocheting. I love the creative aspects of crafting. While I usually use a pattern, rarely designing, I feel I have accomplished something when the pattern takes form.

I am a student at Queens College, CUNY in Flushing, New York in the borough of Queens, where I am studying library and information studies. I have two nephews and two brothers-no pets.


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