Monthly Archives: May 2014

Purple socks and Red Sails


Well…the purple socks are finished…and they are lovely. Knitted with finger weight yarn that is 75% wool and 25% nylon they were fun to stitch. I knitted at least two rows a night. They fit like a charm with ample toe room. They are just high enough to reach the calf as it begins to widen. I am wearing them now…and they feel great. 

Red Sails is having the endds woven in. I have for all intents and purposes completed weaving the ends on the front. I am now working on the back. There are many ends to weave in. The neckline looks gorgeous. I wonder now if the hole for the head is big enough with the neckline nearly 15 (I do not remember how many rows the neckline is.) rows deep. Every night I weave in 18 strands.

I promised this sweater for last winter. I want to finish this sweater by the winter, 2014.