Monthly Archives: February 2014

Chanel-like Jacket and a new beret


The jacket is getting lots of compliments. I want to put two turquoise buttons at each cuff and add a couple of pockets on the inside.

I have been looking for a sock pattern that has a simple lace pattern, maybe…or maybe a plain sock will be better.

Our assistant rector is pregnant. I must find a pattern to knit something for the baby. She is due in May.

I am knitting a reverse stockinette stitch beret for a friend of mine. I am using two strands of 90% washable merino wool and 10% nylon.  I hope to complete it soon.

Real progress


Early this morning I got as far as weaving in the ends on my Chanel-like jacket. I wore it to work without the buttons on the cuffs; it was a hit and it was warm. The basket weave stitch went over well. I am excited and proud of the jacket.

I am working on a hat for a friend of mine. It will be a beret. I am using a merino wool and nylon blend.

I recently completed a similar hat using a Lamb’s Pride wool or wool blend. I have misplaced the ball band and have had to instruct my friend to hand wash the hat. I try to keep to keep a ball band in the bag in which I keep the project and the tools for completion of the project. When that fails I have no reference for washing instructions.

I…almost always send a ball band with the completed project to the intended wearer so that he/she will know how to clean the project.

Summary: Keep your ball bands and include a ball band with the completed project for the wearer.