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Yarn and a Cold New York Night


imageOn the way home from lunch with a friend I took the subway to 57th Street to a giant yarn sale at the Holiday Inn.  I  had planned to spend maybe $10, but I ended up spending $43 and some change. I ended up with 10 skeins of variegated turquoise yarn 10 pair of knitting needles and a plan to knit my girlfriend a hat and scarf, and my two brothers a hat each.


Hats for Christmas

For one of the nephews

For one of the nephews

Hat on needles

Top stitching


Happy Holidays!

Here is one of two hats I am knitting for my nephews. The picture shows the one completed hat. I used Filatura Lanarota Wool Sprinkles yarn (92% wool,  8% polyester). The yarn was made in Peru.

Another picture shows how’s a second hat in progress. For the second hat I used Red Heart Collage, a medium weight 100% acrylic yarn made in Turkey.

I learned of Nelson’s Mandela’s death earlier to day and I am deeply saddened.

Things I am grateful for this holiday season


For me Thanksgiving is the beginning of one long holiday season, so indulge me as I list what I am thankful for five days after Thanksgiving:

My life, my body, including every hand foot and joint, not to forget my head and my mind and my brain;

My soul;

My family and friends;

The  organizations I belong to;


WordPress, my blogs and their readers  and

School-Queens College, CUNY

My senses

My physiology-all systems work…mostly;

My little job

My books



for Cheryl, the Crafty Commuter

…and a host of other things that I am happy to have.

All of these things make we wealthy beyond compare.